Motorcoach Country Club

Lot Description

Water, Golf Course and Privacy Lots

Motorcoach Country Club has three varieties of lots for owners to enjoy. Our unique resort offers members the ability to design and build their dream motorcoach lot. Fully developed lots may include a 9’ x 13’ foot casita, up to a 600 sq.ft. “coach house” known as a “Tiled Roof Shade Structure” (TRSS) and even a private pool and spa. Custom BBQ’s and entertainment areas complete the project. The accepted architectural style of the MCC rules require a variation of Tuscan/Mediterranean theme.

Water Lots

About 100 water lots ring the canals and lakes of the 80 acre property. Water lots tend to be a bit oversized and many owners take advantage of the extra area and water views to build a casita, “coach house” outdoor sitting areas and often private spas and swimming pools.

Golf Course Lots

Golf course lots rim the challenging par 3 golf course…beautiful coach houses, lush landscaping, mountain and waterfall views abound. Again, some of the golf course lots have private pools and spas. A further benefit of a golf course lot is the entertainment of observing the skills of the many golfers on the course.

Privacy Lots

The most numerous of our lots are designated “Privacy.” These lots are “back-in” lots and all are located on the perimeter wall. The size of privacy lots varies by location and privacy lots are popular with folks with pets as they can be completely fenced in. As with all lots, beautiful coach houses, pools, entertainment areas and landscaping allow owners to design and build a unique private environment.