Motorcoach Country Club

Buying and Building at MCC

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Although we had owned a motorcoach for a couple of years, we didn’t go full time until May 2019 with our new Newmar Dutch Star. Our 3 grown children live in 3 different states now, so we felt this was a great way to spend time near each of them and still roam the country. While we love full-timing, it can be hard staying in each place for only a few days at a time. We had visited MCC prior to going full time, but weren’t sure ownership was the right thing for us.

We arrived at MCC for a 2 week stay, March 18 2020. We knew that we would like to purchase a lot but couldn’t quite wrap our minds around spending so much money on an RV lot in Indio, CA. There are plenty of beautiful RV parks we can stay at all over the country. We rented a beautiful lot with a casita, pool and waterfalls. Everywhere we walked everyone waved and said hello, we felt very welcomed. THEN March 20th California went into COVID-19 lock down! RV parks were closing and our future reservations were canceled. Luckily MCC did not kick us out. We started seriously looking at lots. While all lots at MCC are nice, and different lots are right for different people, we learned being on the water was right for us. Every afternoon we would walk to the available lots for sale and check out the sunset. We particularly liked lot 334. It had a 9’ x 13’ casita and a nice dock with pavers.. We purchased and closed in 3 weeks. The couple we bought it from had already bought another lot at MCC, and were so kind to let us move on to the lot before we closed as our rental had expired. Thank you!

A large part of our desire to be at MCC was the location. We are both from the LA area and one of our kids still lives there, so we wanted to have a place that friends and family could come visit. That in part drove our decision to build up the lot more. But what to do and how far to go? Put in a pool? Redo the landscaping? It kind of snowballed on us. We met with a few of the builders who normally work at MCC, as they know all the association rules and guidelines. This is what keeps MCC looking so fabulous. We picked our builder as we felt there was good communication between us. We left MCC and went on exploring the country on May 15. Designs were created and sent off to MCC architectural board where they were approved right away. Then off to the city where they sat for months, but once they were approved the building started. When we returned to MCC our lot was not ready, but our builder let us stay on his lot for the duration. We moved back onto our lot Dec 23 just in time for the holidays.

We are so happy we did this. Whether you build or not is a very personal decision but the best decision you can make is to be at MCC, The people, the weather, the restaurant, the golf, the boating. Oh yes, we bought a boat! It is a unique and very special life, and we feel very lucky to live it. Bakersbegone.

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