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Did you Know? – Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures – Day Trip

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Borrego Springs

Ever hear of Avery Folders? Dennis Avery of office supply fame and fortune had a vision for the three square miles of desert land he owned in and around Borrego Springs, CA. Approximately 65 miles from Motorcoach Country Club in Indio and surrounded by the largest State Park in California, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Borrego Springs is a vibrant desert community and oasis.

Viewing these sculptures is a great opportunity for a day trip south along the Salton Sea and then westward in the direction of San Diego. On the journey to Borrego Springs the desert landscape is dramatic and if you go during the rainy season the desert may surprise with what is called a “desert bloom” with colorful and vibrant fields of flowers and a hint of green.

Dennis Avery became aware of the metal sculpture art work produced in the studio of Ricardo Breceda…Ricardo was hired to produce and install more than 130 full size pieces of his art in the desert sands for all to enjoy. The area is known today as Galleta Meadows. You may learn more about the sculpture at

Arguably the most impressive is a 350’ long serpent that extends from one side of the road to the other, passing beneath highway. Many other creatures from the pleo-pleistocene age can be found…including various dinosaurs, wild horses, pre-historic elephants, oversized birds, saber-toothed tigers and a variety of dioramas depicting historical characters, farm workers, desert tortoises and such.

You can download a map of the locations of this art or visit the Borrego Springs visitor center as you enter the town.

Borrego Springs has a variety of RV parks, golf courses and is the only community in California having a “dark Sky” designation that requires the area residents to honor the dark and minimize light pollution in and around their properties.

The art is easily accessed…you may drive up to most of them, others a short walk from the road.When you are ready to make this trip, be ready to be impressed and do not forget your camera (or your phone).