Motorcoach Country Club

First Visit to Motorcoach Country Club

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We were living in sunny Florida six years ago when we retired and that is when we bought our very first motorhome. We had never driven one let alone been inside of one but we selected a gently used Prevost and a friend of ours joked that we bought our ‘third coach first’. This same friend told us he owned a lot at the beautiful motorcoach resort Motorcoach Country Club in Indio California and we needed to take a trip across the country from the east coast to check it out.

It took us several days to get there but when we arrived we realized that this resort was like nothing we had ever seen before, with the beautiful waterway, the golf course, 3 swimming pools, a gym, a 5star restaurant, brand new pickleball courts, tennis courts and the list goes on. We were lucky enough to stay on the lot owned by one of the Prevost converter companies but after a few days we started to look around and see what other lots might be available for sale.

We came into the resort only with the intention of visiting for a week and then moving on but within the week we found a blank lot we liked and we bought it. For each owner the choices can be different. There are golf course lots, water lots and privacy lots. We chose an empty privacy lot and we are extremely happy with the choice especially after we built a coach house also known as a casita next to our bus. The coach houses allow for more entertainment space.

As we have learned, not only is this resort a special place but so are the friendships that you make here whether they are with other owners like ourselves or the occasional renters just passing through.

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