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After years of competitive amateur golf and three years of playing professional tournament golf Kerry had an opportunity to go to work for Outdoor Resorts of America. With Kerry, they developed and successfully sold out three resorts, more than 2,000 lots and hundreds of resales in the Palm Springs desert area.

Throughout the years with Outdoor Resorts his life has been enhanced in many ways. His background in golf gave Kerry the opportunity to design the Par 3 golf courses in each of their resorts, and he has staged many pro-celebrity golf tournaments. Kerry has made his living selling lots at the finest motorcoach facilities ever built, and during his 30 years of experience he has sold more than 1,400 lots.

Kerry Johnston is the only on-site real estate broker representing real estate lot sales at Motorcoach Country Club. Come see Kerry today for an exclusive golf cart tour of the immaculate facilities and properties that we have to offer.