Motorcoach Country Club

Motorcoach Country Club Main Dog Park

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MCC has recently completed the installation of new artificial grass in the two main dog parks. These past seasons saw increased use of the enclosed parks outside the main gate with the result that each of the areas for dogs became muddy, dirty and unsightly. As a result of the complaints and concerns of the members about the condition of the dog parks and after extensive research around the options to mitigate the overuse the board of directors chose to install artificial turf designed specifically for heavy use dog parks.

The “K9 Grass” as it is called is specifically manufactured (in the United States) to allow drainage through the grass to the layers below. The two combined parks (one for large dogs, the other for small dogs) needed approximately 4800 square feet of turf. The installation took more than a week and the attractive results speak for themselves. The installation was done by Forever Lawn, from Lake Elsinore, CA and is warranted for three years. The turf is warranted for fifteen years.

Been to Yellowstone lately? One of the environmental benefits of the product is that the final backing layer is comprised of recycled plastic bottles from Project Yellowstone…an innovative recycling partnership with the National Park. Additionally, MCC will use less water in the dog parks…the Southern Nevada Water Authority estimates that every square foot of synthetic grass saves more than 50 gallons of water a year.

To complete the new look and feel of the dog parks new benches and tables have been ordered along with water stations for the “fur babies” in the park. Oh, by the way…cats are welcome as well!

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