Motorcoach Country Club

Pickleball is the Newest Amenity for Motorcoach Country Club

The introduction of pickleball to MCC was first considered in 2018 with some membership resistance. With the arrival of covid in 2020 and the increased digital marketing and advertising, the resort has experienced an increased turnover of members. The natural progression to a younger and more active membership has proven to benefit the resort in a variety of ways…the addition of pickleball is only one. After repeated discussions, surveys, sound studies and research into the best way to find a compromise, the board of directors authorized in the summer of 2022 a deciding vote. All MCC members were then given the opportunity to vote and to choose to allow pickleball to be played at our beautiful resort.

With research and debate complete, the vote last summer was favorable to allow this social and healthy activity and the work began to complete the conversion of a virtually unused tennis court to pickleball. The engineering firm hired to design new fencing (the existing fence was rusted, damaged and failing) made MCC aware that with the addition of the necessary sound mitigation blankets attached to the new fence, the fence now would be required to withstand extremely strong desert winds.

Bids for this complicated and extensive project were obtained, evaluated and the contracts awarded. After acquiring the building permit for the new fence, work began. The result of this effort is shown in the attached photos. The crisp modern look of the new courts clearly enhances the plaza area. The cost of these courts will partially be offset by the sponsorship of two coach builders, Newell Coach and Emerald Luxury Coaches.

A pickleball committee has been created to implement events, monitor play and rules. The time of play has been limited to the hours between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We will continue the process of providing clinics to learn the skills necessary for pickleball, organizing play and spreading the enjoyment throughout the resort. Get some good court shoes, join the fun and meet your neighbors!

A description of the events required to bring this sport of pickleball to MCC was recently highlighted in a newspaper article in the Desert Sun, the local newspaper for the Palm Springs area.

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