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Motorcoach Renters who are now Buying a Lot!

The majority of new owners at Motorcoach Country started out by renting motorcoach lots. Meet Kristin and David B. who I crossed paths with the other day while I was walking laps around our beautiful complex and they were on their electric scooters with a listing of lots for sale in their hands. Their story is being written about in the news how Covid and remote work is creating a new generation of Motorcoachers.

Kristin and Dave both grew up in Kentucky. Early generations of their families came from Scotland and Ireland to carve a new path for their families. Their early vacation memories were limited and they decided to provide more opportunity for adventure for their daughters. Wanting to see more of the US and the World, Kristin and Dave both developed a love for adventure and travel.

When Covid hit the US, they started doing research on the Motorcoach lifestyle and determined that it would be an exciting way to accomplish their desire to travel. They are both successful in their careers and can work remote. Kristin works for a BioTech Company and David works as a commodities broker. In July they bought their first coach, packed in their two large dogs and made their first trip cross country to drop their two daughters at college in Los Angeles, CA. Their 20 year old daughter goes to school at USC and their 18 year old daughter goes to UCLA.

They are in the process of selling their home in Kentucky and have decided to be full-time Motorcoachers. Wanting to have roots near their daughters in LA they did research on the Top 10 Motorcoach Resorts in the country and discovered Motorcoach Country Club. They love that the Palm Springs area is only 2 to 3 hours from LA and has so much culture, outdoor activities and shopping, but none of the hassle or congestion!

They are so delighted about their experience renting at Motorcoach Country Club that they are looking to buy a lot. What they like most about Motorcoach Country Club is how incredibly nice all of the owners have been. The neighbors have made them feel very welcome and have been great about answering questions as they explore looking at different lots. They particularly like the fact that the lots are all very large and private. They feel that the lots offer a lot of space to live in. They also appreciate the fact that the security is very good at MCC, which gives them piece of mind to live the “outdoor” lifestyle.

Growing up in Kentucky, they feel that the weather is absolutely perfect in Southern California. They also really appreciate the beauty of seeing the mountains in the background and love MCC’s golf course and waterway views. They also enjoy how gorgeous the landscaping and gardens are at MCC, and feel the complex is extremely attractive. Their criteria for the lots that they’re looking at buying consists of: a fenced in yard for their two large dogs; Kristin really likes the water and would love to have a kayak and maybe a pontoon boat to go around the waterways; Dave would really like to have a pool; and, both would really like a view of the mountains from either the golf course or on the waterway! From an activities standpoint, they both love to hike, mountain bike and kayak making MCC a perfect location.

They are hoping to narrow down their lot choices over the next few days and move to close on a lot at MCC. They are beyond excited to make MCC their home base, especially during the winter and then travel out from here as they continue to explore the United States!

If this sounds like the life for you, why not follow in the footsteps of Kristin and David B. and look at buying a Motorcoach lot here in California!

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