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Visit the Salton Sea from Indio's Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Updated: Apr 29

As an owner at Motorcoach Country Club, (MCC), which is a luxury motorcoach resort near Indio, I am often asked one particular question by visitors...

'What are the best attractions around the Coachella Valley?'

Here is one answer:

On a recent Thursday afternoon, my wife and I along with another class A motorhome couple currently renting the luxury RV lot next door and looking to buy, did a visit to the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is a large body of water less than an hour from the MCC's motorcoach resort in Indio.

This water is the the result of a canal break on the Colorado River, which is located a couple hundred miles east. The break occurred in 1905, and flowed millions of gallons, for about a year and a half. The water flowed west and into a depression 225 feet below sea level and the Salton Sea was created.

It became the winter playground for the rich and famous. From about 1930 on, it attracted people from Los Angeles and Palm Springs by the thousands. During this time many beach resorts and homes popped up along it's shoreline.

Today, the glimmer has worn off, and what is left is very interesting to visit. As a couple of examples there is the Bombay Beach Resort, with it's drive in theater, a must see. Then, a couple miles away down the paved highway, is Slab City, which must be visited to appreciate.

The time from leaving the gated entrance of MCC to arriving back was a little less than four hours, and that included a stop at Shields, for a world famous date shake and the opportunity to watch the film “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date”. Shields has been a major attraction in Indio California since 1924.

We're privileged to have such beauty in the Coachella Valley so close to our beautiful motorcoach resort here in Indio. Find out more about our motorcoach country club lots for sale or contact Motorcoach Country Club today for more information.

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