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True Blue RV, LLC

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As seasoned motorhome enthusiasts, we all have faced the travails of needing repair or maintenance work on our coach, and often we have a difficult time locating the folks capable of completing the work in a timely manner or at a reasonable price. In addition, the work may only be partially completed or it may not be done correctly. Finding a reliable service center for a coach is not only difficult but a long lead time may be necessary to get even simple maintenance performed.

Not long ago, Kelly and Sherri Cabral, having recently relocated to the desert from the Hollywood area and both having a passion for traveling in their motorhome found themselves frustrated by their experience of trying to get service for their coach done honestly and at a reasonable cost. Struggling to get service for their coach, they met a mobile tech named Rolando Ramirez and found him to be the best tech that had ever worked on their coach. They immediately decided that together they could create a motorhome service center where the philosophy of the company would be to provide great service at a reasonable cost.

The search for a permanent location began and as luck would have it they found the beautiful Luxtor facility in Coachella, CA had the service bays available for a new company to occupy. Taking advantage of this opportunity, True Blue RV was formed. True Blue leased the service/office/parts department from Luxtor and are now open and ready to service your RV. They have also hired one of the best service advisors in the industry and are well on their way towards the goal of providing great RV service at a local facility.

The Luxtor facility that houses True Blue RV service center is located at 49751 Oates LN, Coachella, CA 92236, 760-469-9948. They are only about 15 minutes away from Motorcoach Country Club, and they offer full service to the chassis, generator, the coach interior, toad braking systems, warranty work and almost anything else you may need to keep your motorcoach running smoothly.

True Blue RV generously agreed to sponsor the Ryder Cup golf tournament between Motorcoach Country Club and Outdoor Resorts Indio that was held on March 6 and 7, 2023

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