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Water Aerobics Program at Motorcoach Country Club

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Did you know that MCC has a water aerobics program in the main pool five days a week. This group exercise class is led by fitness guru Tony Grech. Tony is a life-long fitness fanatic and he has made the fitness industry both his career and his passion. Tony was a massage therapist for 22 years and also a private fitness trainer. He currently recommends several varied therapies to improve his client’s health including being a “breath coach” and “cold therapy.” Be sure to ask Tony if either of these programs are “right” for you.

Water aerobics goes by many names I.E. “aquarobics,” “aquatic fitness” and even “aquafit.” This form of low-impact, resistance exercise is done in a swimming pool and most often in a group to the constant beat of popular music. If you are near the club house when Tony has a group, you will know they are there (you can hear them) and having fun in the Southern California desert sun and fresh air.

Being a trained professional Tony recommends water based exercise because it is safe and you use a variety of muscles. The water is supportive and assists with balance. Because the water offers support you can exercise vigorously with less opportunity for pain or injury. Tony explained that another important component of this therapy is that your heart rate will not spike and is recommended for people recovering from injuries, surgeries or other debilitating events.

Most classes last approximately an hour starting at either 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Check the fitness schedule from the drop-down menu on the web-site for exact times. You do not have to be a swimmer to be successful at water aerobics and this activity is encouraged for those with arthritis, obesity or other conditions.

As we add opportunities to the active lifestyle encouraged and enjoyed at MCC, this is another form of exercise that allows you to meet your neighbors, have fun and improve your health. Come check it out…Tony has a way to make you feel welcome, you will not be sorry!

There is no cost to participate and both members and rental guests of MCC are eligible.

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