Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

A new program that is being offered with many benefits including increased range of motion, improved performance, reduced pain and many more.

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Debbie Douglass


Massage Therapy

Melanie has always had a strong interest in health, wellness and caring for the human body.  She has over 18,000 hours of hands on experience with 10,000 of those hours in chiropractic offices and 11,000 hours at country clubs around the desert. 

Melanie specializes in Sports Injury work, Deep tissue, Swedish and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies.  

She has a strong interest in helping others achieve a pain free life and focuses on specific individual needs.

Melanie is also passionate about educating her clients and providing them with proper tools to achieve lasting results in their well-being and believes that massage therapy is an essential addition to maintaining a healthy, pain free and functional life.

She looks forward to working with you this season.


Melanie Fries- Moran

Personal Training

Personal fitness training tailored to fit your goals. Debbie also offers small group private training & as well as equipment orientations. Contact Debbie for more information and booking.


Debbie Douglass

Back Massage

Sports Massage & Custom Medical Massage

Sports massage: Firm massage with stretching that is effective before or after activity for golfers, tennis players, runners athletes and people who exercise. The purpose of this massage is to prepare for better performance and to promote flexibility, reduce fatigue and tension, reducing chances of injuries.

Custom Medical MassageTarget individual chronic problems, pain and conditions by using different gentle techniques. Treatments have been recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists

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Norma Farias

TPI Training

TPI Training

Building upon the idea of working out to become a better golfer, this program focuses on training the parts of the body that enable you to play better golf. Utilizing exercises that develop the muscle groups which help the golf swing, this approach focuses on the optimum balance of flexibility (mobility) and strength (stability), coordination (kinematic sequence), and balance.

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Ryan Douglass